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Saturn against the Earth

An unusual 1936-Italian-science-comic conceived by Cesare Zavattini (screenplayer for De Sica and Fellini), written by Federico Pedrocchi and drawn in impressively pulpy fashion by Giovanni Scolari.

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The young hero born from Didier Convard's pen and Christian Gine's pencil will try to save humanity from a horrible fate, in a Europe turned into an icy wasteland after a catastrophic human attempt to obtain control over global weather.

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A city's soul is their residents's. Their little stories innervate its organism. The metropolis ends up being the collective synthesis of the actions of every single individual, who in his/her own small way, guides its destiny.

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Apollo & Daphne

The Greek myth narrated by the great poet Ovid, presented in an imaginative environment made of color, drawings in movement and music.

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Fabula Appia AR

The past meets the present through augmented reality. By activating an app and framing ceramics of high artistic value with your smartphone, visitors can enjoy the story of fabulous myths Greek

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Trajan's Column

The exciting story of a Roman soldier who tells us about Dacia's campaign. The battles, the tactics, the encampments, the civil activities, the ceremonies, the construction of roads and bridges: like in a real movie.

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Za and the Space

Multimedia exhibition - Cesare Zavattini was one of the most appreciated Italian screenwriters abroad and he earned three nominations for the Academy Awards

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Videocittà is a cultural event of over 60 events dedicated to cinema, organized in Rome, which has always been a fundamental pole for the seventh art.

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Romics is the international exhibition of comics, animation, videogames, cinema and entertainment organized by the Fiera di Roma. It has over 200,000 visitors.

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Our works in the QR CODE

E-book + film + Spaceship

The spaceship of Rebo, the leader of the Saturnians, designed by the master Giovanni Scolari is now in 3D realized by the masters of the ceramics of Deruta in the province of Perugia


E-book + film + Cup

At breakfast with Rebo and the bad Saturnians! The collection cups made by the Italian masters of Deruta ceramics.


E-book + film + Notebook

Your notes are safe in the Saturnian notebook, under Nutor's watchful eye. Watched by scrupulous Saturnians it is impossible to lose them!